Had breakfast with my old friend, Bishop Little of Northern Indiana. Then it was back to the Province V Bishops meeting for the balance of the morning. We discussed matters of pastoral policy. We’re all in slightly different places on a range of different questions, and we all benefit, I believe, from one another’s differing perspectives. It’s good for us to have a community of accountability in our ministry of oversight.

We adjourned right before lunchtime (for which we were on our own). As it turned out, Bishop Ousley of Eastern Michigan also had a train to catch. So we took the CTA Blue Line together to the Loop, then enjoyed Italian beef sandwiches–a Chicago classic–at Al’s Beef on E. Jackson. Then back to Union Station to await our respective rides home. It was fun to hang out.

Unlike yesterday morning, this time the Wi-Fi on the train was fully functional, enabling me to be a productivity machine the entire way. It’s amazing how fast that trip seems when you’re busy.

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