The day got started in an orderly manner, and then descended into technology-driven chaos. In the morning, I had a significant phone conversation with a priest of the diocese, followed up on some issues by email, outlined another session of the clergy conference, and worked on my sermon for Proper 27 (November 11 at St Barnabas’, Havana). So for, so good. Grabbed some lunch to bring home from the taqueria around the corner, and enjoyed some time with our son and granddaughter. Then I head by train down to the Apple store. My 2012 Macbook has been showing various signs of aging lately, and 6+ years seems a respectable lifetime for a computer, and since my laptop is pretty much the means for me to both *do* and *be* in my daily work, I discerned that the time had come. Actually going out and making the purchase and getting home with it consumed well less than two hours. But the rest of the afternoon and evening was devoted to setup. There haven’t been any huge issues, but it just all takes time. I want to hit the ground running tomorrow and not have technology call attention to itself.

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