• 0730-1000, committee meeting. See here for an account of a couple of things we did.
  • 1030-1200, joint session for a “conversation” (series of TED-like talks followed by table conversation), this time on the Care of Creation. I found it interesting that one of the speakers, the Archbishop of Capetown, named the male-female binary as “part of creation.” This is, of course, an essential piece in the narrative of those who hold the Church’s received teaching on marriage, so I don’t suspect that the remark was universally appreciated.
  • Longer than usual lunch break (until 2:15), which the Communion Partner bishops took advantage of for a caucusing session.
  • 2:15-5:00, legislative session. See the link above for the details.
  • From 5:15-6:00 I attended another CP caucus, this time with both Bishops and Deputies. We unpacked what the Bishops did on Prayer Book revision and talked a bit about the status of B012, which hasn’t hit the HOB agenda yet.
  • 6:30-9:30, Nashotah House dinner at a nearby restaurant. Quite a nice time.
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