• Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Signed the forms giving my consent to the consecration of bishops-elect in Western Kansas, Rio Granda, and Newark.
  • Printed out the insurance card for the new YFNBmobile and placed it in the glove box.
  • Wrote a promised Discretionary Fund check.
  • Communicated with the chair of our General Convention deputation regarding plans for a deputation dinner.
  • Got to work on my next-due post for the Covenant blog. Once again I laid aside a piece that was already roughed out in favor of something more timely.
  • Lunch from McD’s, eaten at home.
  • Remaining at home, resumed work on the blog post, eventually bringing it to completion and dispatching it to the editor.
  • Cranked out another daily office lectionary meditation for the November 2019 Forward Day by Day.
  • Attended to a small domestic chore.
  • Grabbed Brenda and pointed the YFNBmobile north to Normal. Retrieved Bishop Elias and Lucy after their dinner meeting with some folks at Christ the King. Brought them back to Springfield and got them checked in at the Doubletree downtown.
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