• While still at home: planned tasks for the week, met with a termite inspector (the news was not good, but expected).
  • Dropped the YFNBmobile off at the dealer for a scheduled maintenance appointment. Hoofed it in the heat down to the office.
  • Made some sense of the detritus on my desk after two weeks away from the office.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Reviewed the draft of the summer edition of the Springfield Current.
  • Edited, refined, printed, and scheduled for posting the working text of my homily for this Sunday (St John’s, Albion).
  • With two substantive phone conversations and relatively short email, dealt with a prickly pastoral/administrative situation.
  • Walked back up Second Street to Isringhausen BMW to pick up the vehicle. Since it’s four years old and the odometer sits north of 82,000 miles, I took the time to talk with the sales departments about how the numbers shake out for a trade-in and new X3.
  • Lunch (well on the late side) from KFC, eaten at home.
  • Registered online for a conference in September, in Dallas.
  • Met with Sue to talk about some Synod issues.
  • Dashed off a note to a priest with a June ordination anniversary.
  • Ducked out to keep an appointment with a doctor who explained how I might forestall more kidney stone attacks. Basically, I can choose to be fat and actively diabetic with minimal chance of kidney stones, or less fat and less diabetic, but with increased risk of stones. Party on.
  • Headed down South Sixth to the Mazda dealership to check out the CX5. Got marooned there for a while in a violent thunderstorm, but made substantial progress in evaluating the automotive options. The landscape may change, but it looks prudent to forego a tiny amount of amenities and save the diocese several thousand dollars by going the Mazda route. Maybe I’ll see something differently in the morning.
  • Picked up some Chinese from HyVee for dinner and brought it home, close to 7pm.
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