• First day back in the saddle after a good vacation. Morning Prayer at home.
  • Debriefed over a range a matters with the Archdeacon and the Administrator.
  • Began processing the accumulated “snail mail” that I found waiting for me on my desk.
  • Met with members of the diocesan Finance Department to take a first crack at the 2014 operating budget.
  • Continued to work on processing mail.
  • Presided and preached for the regular Tuesday Mass in the cathedral chapel, observing the day’s feast–Transfiguration. This was a joy.
  • Picked up an Italian beef sandwich (Chicago style) and took it home to eat.
  • Finished hard-copy mail processing and turned my attention to a stack of 25 emails that needed my attention. They consumed the rest of my afternoon, and a good portion of my evening at home. But I now have effective “inbox zero.”
  • Evening Prayer in the office.
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