Thursday (William Law)

  • Usual Thursday weight and treadmill workout. I couldn’t get Netflix to come up on my iPad for some reason, so … guess what? I offered Morning Prayer, the Angelus, and some sustained intercession while working out on the treadmill. Talk about multi-tasking!
  • Surveyed the 48 remaining tasks pegged for this week and selected 19 to tackle today. That may be a little ambitious in number, but many of them can be handled very quickly.
  • Took care of a small detail pertaining to the Chrism Mass.
  • Finished drafting, then tweaked, refined, and printed my sermon for the Chrism Mass. The text will appear in cyberspace even before it’s preached–right at 11am on Saturday.
  • Reviewed and approved a request for a marital judgment.
  • Lunch from Chi-Town’s Finest, eaten at hone.
  • Created an account online with a company that I hope will be able to take care of photo printing and order fulfillment of YFNB’s official portraits, given the passing of my photographer brother last year. Not yet entirely clear that this option is going to work, so I didn’t give myself credit for an accomplished task.
  • Read and responded to four Ember Day letters from people who are in some stage of the ordination process.
  • Dealt quickly by email with a couple of minor pastoral/administrative issues.
  • Dealt less quickly by email with a fairly substantial pastoral matter.
  • Created a draft of new committee assignments for Nashotah House trustees. This required more speculative imagination than it might seem.
  • After assisting the Bishop’s Warden of the cathedral and an officer of the Springfield Police Department with trying to figure out what the cathedral’s security alarm got set off (an effort at which we were unsuccessful), I read the evening office in the cathedral.
  • Counting the two personal tasks I accomplished at home in the evening, there are only two to carry over until tomorrow of the original 19.
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