Thursday (St Vincent de Paul)

  • Usual AM routine. MP in the cathedral.
  • Met with one of our priests over some ongoing concerns with respect to a congregation he serves.
  • Conceived and hatched a homily for Proper 22 (St Laurence, Effingham).
  • Took a phone call from another of our priests facing different, but still similar, issues as my in-person meeting earlier.
  • Fleshed out my homily for the Sunday after All Saints’ Day (St Andrew’s, Carbondale).
  • Lunch from McDonald’s, eaten at home
  • Processed a goodly batch of emails. Some that I took care of at the end of the batch did not exist when I attacked the beginning of the batch.
  • Took care of the clergy milestone event cards for October. Got writer’s cramp. Fortunately, it’s the thought that counts, not legibility.
  • Beginning with an outline already prepared, I began drafting the actual text of my Synod address (October 19). It may look like I’m getting ahead of a lot of work well in advance of due dates. But you haven’t seen my October trave calendar yet.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Hit the road at 4:45 for Champaign, where the annual assembly of the Illinois Council of Churches meets tomorrow. Tonight was a dinner for “judicatories” (what an awful word!).
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