Thursday (St Sergius)

  • Customary Thursday morning weights and treadmill workout.
  • Morning Prayer (memorized short form) in the car on the way in to the office.
  • Consulted with the Archdeacon at some length over administrative issues.
  • Drove up to St John’s Hospital to look in on a parishioner from St George’s, Belleville who just had aortic valve replacement surgery. I welcomed her to the club.
  • Met with a locally retired priest with extensive interim ministry experience about a parish that will soon be in transition.
  • Lunch from McD’s (still no hot mustard!), eaten at home.
  • Left a voicemail with a member of the Nashotah House board.
  • Developed my rough notes for a homily on the occasion of the institution of the new rector of Emmanuel, Champaign on 18 October into a developed outline.
  • Assessed the need for an confirmed the availability of AV resources for synod.
  • Composed and sent a memo to the Nashotah House trustees. We’re ramping up for next month’s meeting.
  • Posted some news from our companion Diocese of Tabora on our diocesan Facebook page. (Bishop Chakupewa’s wife, son, and one of his priests were involved in a serious auto accident, but without serious injury to anyone. They were shake up and the vehicle is not in good shape.)
  • Composed and sent an email to a potential conductor of our pre-Lenten clergy retreat.
  • Wrote out notes of greeting to clergy and spouses with October birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Left at 5:00 eastbound for Champaign. Evening Prayer in the car (again, memorized short form).
  • Dinner with five other “judicatories” (United Methodist, Disciples of Christ, Presbyterian, UCC, and Roman Catholic) in advance of tomorrow’s annual assembly of the Illinois Conference of Churches.
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