Thursday (St Remigius)

  • Confirmed an upcoming visitation with one of our parish priests.
  • Printed, signed, scanned, and returned an application for retirement to the Church Pension Fund by a military chaplain who is canonically resident in the diocese.
  • Responded to an email from one of our seminarians.
  • Built out a homiletical message statement for Proper 24 (October 18 at All Saints, Morton) into a developed sermon outline.
  • Responded to another email from another seminarian.
  • Opened a sermon file on Proper 27 (November 8 at St Andrew’s, Carbondale).
  • Read an entire issue of The Living Church. I still have quite a backlog.
  • Confirmed plans with the two presenters I have engaged for a Zoom version of the fall clergy conference.
  • Took a long pre-dinner walk with Brenda, getting rained on for about the last fifteen minutes. We arrived home just shy of drenched.
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