Thursday (St Lucy)

  • Morning Prayer before dawn in our domestic oratory.
  • Fixed tea and “paleo” pancakes while conversing with Brenda.
  • Took my daily walk on the early side today, leaving at 0815 and returning at 0930.
  • Got cleaned up, began to pack, replied to an email, organized some things I needed to bring with me to Springfield, finished packing, and left the apartment a little past 1100.
  • Headed south, with a fast-food lunch stop past the Des Plaines River, and pulled into the diocesan center at 2:50, ten minutes ahead of a 3:00 appointment.
  • Met with diocesan treasurer Rod Matthews for about an hour.
  • Processed accumulated hard-copy items on my desk
  • Got started on a *very* thick stack of emails, all of which required a fairly prompt response.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Dinner at Freddy’s Steakburgers on West Wabash, then back to the office for more email processing.
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