Thursday (St Kentigern)

Up and out by 6:45, headed north. Pulled into campus at Nashotah House just before noon. Visiting Nashotah is always and intrinsically good thing, but this visit was for a funeral … and, of course, it’s January in Wisconsin. (Actually, it was kind of a lovely day–sunny, no wind, temperatures in the mid-30s. So we had another Requiem Mass for Bishop Parsons, then processed with his cremated remains up to the cemetery for the Committal, at which it was my honor to preside. We use the word “bury” so figuratively and euphemistically these days; there was something comfortingly wholesome about doing it literally–taking turns shoveling dirt into the whole in which the urn had been placed. This was followed by a reception in the refectory, which afforded some time to electronically catch up on the developments in Canterbury. Over the next few days, I will have something more to say officially about what the Primates accomplished, but this evening I am neither elated nor disappointed, and certainly not surprised. This is within the broad range of what I was hoping for and expecting. Dinner with the friends. Spending the night as a guest of the Dean. Heading home tomorrow, by way of a meeting in the Chicago area.

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