Thursday (St Dunstan)

  • Morning Prayer in the office.
  • Spent a substantial amount of time on two different phone conversations trying to straighten out a particularly vexatious pastoral-administrative matter. I broke every one of family systems theory’s best practices, but, in the end, it seemed to get the job done.
  • Finished my prep for a coffee hour presentation I’m set to make at St Andrew’s, Carbondale on Sunday.
  • Reviewed the draft liturgy sheet for my visit to St John’s, Albion on June 5.
  • Reviewed, in my capacity as a board member, some draft materials pertaining to an imminent capital campaign by the Living Church Foundation.
  • Took care of an administrative loose ends with respect to one of our postulants.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • Planned the liturgy (readings, service music, hymns) for the Synod Mass in October and passed that info along to the organist.
  • Took a brief walk on a beautiful afternoon.
  • Began to work on drafting the text of my homily on the occasion of a diaconal ordination on the 31st. Suddenly, the screen on my laptop went black. Of course, when my computer is down, life may not be ended, but it is certainly changed. Getting it restored becomes Priority One. So I took it to the Mac specialist store a few blocks away, and there’s a video issue with the display, and possibly the logic board (whatever that is). So my MacBook Pro is in the hospital over the weekend, looking forward to a Monday afternoon release. Meanwhile, I’m reduced to an iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard. It’s annoying, but it’s a reasonable temporary workaround.
  • Spent the evening finishing that sermon draft.
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