Thursday (St Dominic)

  • Bowflex and treadmill workout, hence … a late morning in.
  • Morning Prayer at home.
  • Met with Fr Roderick at the cathedral over a range of matters. All good.
  • Dealt with some emails. Worked a lead on a conductor for the next clergy pre-Lenten retreat.
  • Met with the Standing Committee for their regular meeting.
  • Lunch with the Archdeacon and the President of the Standing Committee.
  • Spoke by phone with a lay leader in one of our parishes-in-transition.
  • Various bits of administrivia.
  • Left the office at 3:00 to get gas, stop by home to change clothes and retrieve Brenda, and head toward St Louis for a dinner engagement at the home of Bishop Ed and Louise Salmon (along with an assortment of other scintillating guests, human and otherwise). Hope at 11.
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