Thursday (St David)

Whenever air travel is involved, there are so many things that can go wrong–and have gone wrong for me from time to time–that I am immensely grateful when everything proceeds as planned. Having gotten multiple email warnings from United Airlines last night about weather in Chicago potentially messing with my itinerary, I was apprehensive. But it all went like clockwork. I left Camp Weed at 0845 and was turning the rental car in at Alamo around 10:30. Bag check and security went smoothly. We pushed back right on time at 11:45. I had a seat with plenty of legroom and got some good reading done during the flight. There was a long enough layover at O’Hare to allow me to use the United Club wifi to keep on top of incoming email, and the flight to Springfield, which is always the weakest link in the chain, boarded and departed on schedule. United didn’t lose my luggage, and I was home just a bit past 5:00. Home is always good.

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