Thursday (St Agnes)

  • Customary Thursday morning weights and treadmill workout.
  • Morning Prayer at home.
  • Processed a bevy of emails, took care of a small but important Nashotah-related task. At the office around 10.
  • Consulted with the Archdeacon on an administrative matter and followed through with an email.
  • Moved the clergy retreat liturgy planning ball several yards down the field.
  • Caught up with some reading connected with my membership on the board of Forward Movement.
  • Reviewed some documents in preparation for an afternoon conference call of the Nashotah House Board of Directors
  • Took a phone call from Susan Park, who served with her husband for several years as a missionary in Peru, concerning some development there. (Springfield has a companion diocese relationship with Peru.)
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • Made final preparations for and then chaired a 75-minute conference-call meeting of the Nashotah House Board of Directors. Our task consisted of the annual review of the Dean’s performance.
  • Followed up the meeting with a detailed summary via email to members of the board. This kind of thing is very draining to me, so I waked a few laps around the Roundhouse rotunda.
  • Took a reasonably close fly-by of the Episcopal Church’s Title IV canons on clergy discipline. Just a precautionary move to ensure that we are in compliance. I believe we are.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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