Thursday (St Agnes)

Once in a while, a day just gets away from me, and this was one of them. A chink of the morning was already blocked out to take Brenda to an orthopedist about an ongoing issue (something they actually call “trigger finger”). I had a list of other things to accomplish, but I just got bombarded by a torrent of emails, about evenly divided between ministry-related things and personal stuff. So most of what was on my list is still on my list. Fortunately, none of it was terribly time-sensitive. To be honest, as I prepare to scale down my operational tempo in only ten days, as a prelude to full retirement at the end of June, my “work”-related to-do list is kind of drying up. While it’s nice not to have the stress, it kind of fills me with sadness. One of my recurring monthly tasks is to take a look at my scheduled visitation for the coming month, make sure I’m clear about the service time, and that I’ve made contact with the priest. I have no visitation scheduled in February, so I had to permanently delete that task. Death by a thousand cuts (not meaning to be morose!).

Given that reality, I think I’m going to take a pass on showing up in this venue until next week. My visitation Sunday is to Christ the King, Normal … and I expect everything to be, well … normal. See you on Tuesday.

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