Thursday (Ss Cyril & Methodius)

  • Usual weekday AM pattern, made longer and more complicated now by all the exercises my physical therapist has assigned.
  • Tweaked (not insignificantly), edited, formatted, printed, and scheduled for posting my homily for Saturday’s Celebration of a New Ministry at St Andrew’s, Edwardsville. Most importantly, perhaps, I placed the working script in my car–this after dealing with some technology issues related to the printer.
  • Took a call from the Bishop of Northern Michigan on a matter of mutual concern.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Did some substantial, and time-consuming, work on a portion of the clergy retreat that I am directly responsible for.
  • Took a first homiletical drive-by of the readings for Lent V (Redeemer, Cairo).
  • Brenda and I went on a long walk on what felt like a balmy afternoon, trying to keep our footing on the sections of slush and avoid stepping too deeply in standing water. I am really ready for spring.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
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