Thursday (Oxford Martyrs)

  • Customary Thursday workout: weights and treadmill.
  • Morning Prayer at home.
  • Got back to work on master sermon planning from Advent until Lent. This is time-consuming because it involves rifling through old material (the advantage of preaching as long as I have is that I have lots of old material for most any liturgical occasion) and discerning whether it can be taken out of storage and refitted, or whether I need to start from scratch. The task took me almost until noon.
  • Attended to some irksome and petty requests from the company with whom I am attempt to refinance some real estate.
  • Lunch at home–Brenda’s homemade “Cincinnati-style” (inspired thereby, at least) chili.
  • Walked down to Illinois National Bank to arrange for a wire transfer from my discretionary fund to the Diocese of Tabora to help with some of the clergy availing themselves of a continuing education opportunity in neighboring Kenya.
  • Refind and printed a working text for my homily this Sunday at Emmanuel, Champaign.
  • Placed an online order for a couple of books from Forward Movement.
  • Composed and sent an email to Bishop Godfrey of Peru, our other companion diocese.
  • Attempted to download and install some firmware (whatever that is) for the diocesan video camera. Not sure whether I succeeded.
  • Closed the loop via email with three pending matters of administrivia.
  • Evening Prayer in the car on the way to pick up a repaired pair of glasses from the optician before heading home.
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