Thursday (Our Lady of Perpetual Help)

  • Usual early AM routine, except I got waylaid longer than usual by a Facebook comment thread and an ensuing private message exchange. One of these days I will learn.
  • Got laundry started, and came back to it as need throughout the day. Got waylaid again, this time by an unexpected domestic project (detritus from my basement organizing efforts). Sometimes my home situation requires me to be flexible and strike while an iron is hot. Anyway, it took most of the rest of the morning.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Prepared for a conference call with U.S. Trust about the Putnam Trust by reading their emailed handout.
  • Took care of an array of business with our Communications Coordinator, via several emails.
  • Joined the above-mentioned conference call. (The Putnam Trust significantly benefits two of our Eucharistic Communities, and the Bishop of Springfield is co-trustee, along with the Bank of America. The conversation was with U.S. Trust, a B of A subsidiary, which handles the investments.)
  • The rest of the afternoon was consumed by tasks related to getting ready to head into the diocese for the weekend, with a therapy appointment thrown in just to complicate things.
  • I hit the road southbound at 7:15, and traffic was thick getting out of the city, so it was not one of the better trips, taking four hours to get to Springfield.
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