Thursday (O Rex Gentium)

  • Weight and treadmill routine at home.
  • Brief devotions in the cathedral, then MP in my office, as there were a couple of people putting finishing touches on the “greening” of the church.
  • With a brief break to pass out staff Christmas gifts from Brenda and me, and to exploit that event by getting them to witness and attest to our signing of revised wills to reflect the birth of our youngest grandchild, and the usual lunch break, I spent the rest of the day, until 4:00pm, working on a major teaching document on ministry which has been in the hopper more more than a year. I’m pleased to say that I completed the draft, and sent it out electronically to some trusted friends for their comments before I take it public.
  • Reviewed and made a few notes on a teaching resource from Forward Movement (Faithful Questions) that has been in the queue for a very long time. In spite of minor quibbles here and there, I like it, and would recommend it to parish clergy for use with folks who have a knack for asking the classic “hard questions.” I can think of a former parishioner from many years ago for whom it would have been ideal had it been available then.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral. Glad that the days are now getting longer, and this activity will not always take place by the light of my iPhone.
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