Thursday (O Clavis David)

  • Weight and treadmill workout before breakfast, but in to the office at near the usual time by foregoing reading the paper!
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Minor administrivia.
  • Wrote a letter, via email, to some lay persons who have a particular stake in a decision I have made.
  • Registered for the March House of Bishops meeting at Kanuga, a conference center in North Carolina.
  • Met with the cathedral staff to discuss details of the three Christmas liturgies at which I will be presiding and preaching.
  • Conceived and hatched a homily for the First Sunday after the Epiphany, which I anticipate delivering at the Church of the Holy Communion in Charleston, South Carolina, at the invitation of the rector and vestry.
  • Went home for lunch … and stayed there, in anticipation of some nasty weather.
  • Investigated various alternatives for flow-chart (aka “mind-mapping”) software than can run on a Mac. Found and downloaded a very promising and inexpensive solution. 
  • Responded to an email query from a friend in another diocese about a particular aspect of processing candidates for ordained ministry.
  • Took care of some routine “scheduled maintenance” in one of the personal organization apps that has become crucial and integral in my work (Evernote).
  • Evening Prayer at home, in my study.
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