Thursday (O Adonai)

  • Customary Thursday morning weights and treadmill.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Reviewed and tweaked a draft of this Sunday’s bulletin at St Barnabas’, Havana.
  • Reviewed (and responded to) via email an issue pertaining to my membership on the Living Church Foundation.
  • Reviewed via email an administrative issue raised by a priest of the diocese.
  • Developed and fleshed out the pre-existing bare bones of a homily for Christmas Eve. Turned them into a rough draft ready for refinement next week.
  • Appointed a team of priests to review the protocols for regular clergy gatherings. There seemed to be some energy for changes in the routine when were last together about a month ago.
  • Lunch at home.
  • The afternoon–and a good portion of the evening–was devoted to wrestling with technology, which does not put me in a good humor. My goal was to make an incremental step in making the videos from last Lent’s teaching series available on the website. However, both iMovie and my computer itself teamed up to show me a lot of attitude. Eventually I won the battle, but they took their pound of flesh in the form of lower production values than I would have liked. I will be victorious in the end.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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