Thursday (Martyrs of Uganda)

Since it is now a matter of media attention, I can be less cryptic than I have tried to be before now about the fact that the diocesan Standing Committee and I are in a bit of a contretemps. It concerns the timing of my departure from office. They would like it to be sooner than I have planned. At present, we are in a process of facilitated mediation. For that reason, I think it best that I not go into any more detail than this. There will undoubtedly be an occasion for doing so–relatively soon, I should think. At any rate, much of my day was consumed by emails and phone calls pertaining to this unfortunate turn of events. Please hold the members of the Standing Committee and me in your prayers as we seek a way past this “stuck” moment.

In other news, I paid some substantial attention to details surrounding next week’s ordination of Carter Aikin to the transitional diaconate. I also built out my homiletical message statement for Proper 9 (July 5 at St John’s, Decatur) into a developed outline.

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