Thursday (Lancelot Andrewes)

Glad to be back home, but it’s just a pit stop.

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Caught up with the Archdeacon on some pastoral/administrative concerns.
  • Fleshed out the texts for three sermons: Proper 22 in Salem, Proper 23 in Alton, and Proper 25 in Bloomington.
  • Lunch from TG, eaten at home.
  • Working from previously-confected skeletal notes, began drafting my synod address. Probably a couple of hours of work yet left on that task.
  • Departed at 4 to read Evening Prayer in the cathedral, then go home and pack for five nights away and drive to Bloomington for a 6:30 dinner with other “judicatory leaders” (what an infelicitous expression) in advance to tomorrow’s Annual Assembly of the Illinois Conference of Churches.
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