Thursday (Julian of Norwich)

Since my duties to my fellow Living Church Foundation board members did not begin until dinner tonight, I had some time to kill in Dallas before that event. Careful to choose a movie that Brenda would never get excited about seeing, I caught a late morning screening of Draft Day. When I watched Moneyball in 2011, I saw parallels between what I do and what a sports GM does–in that case, thinking strategically and making creative use of modest resources. This one was about how leaders have to make difficult decisions under pressure of both time and the divergent expectations of others. Something I’ve experienced a bit of in the last few months. In the afternoon, I caught up on some reading, and was treated to the excitement of a violent thunderstorm and 45 minutes under a tornado warning. We were told to remain in our rooms and stay away from windows, instructions with which I endeavored to comply. While I was waiting for my dinner companions to arrive, I had a substantive phone conversation with the wardens and three other members of the cathedral Chapter over some administrative and financial issues.

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