Thursday (John Mason Neale)

  • Customary Thursday morning workout–weights and treadmill.
  • While organizing my tasks over breakfast, took a phone call from the Vice-Chair of the Nashotah trustees.
  • Morning Prayer in the car while driving in to the office (memorized short form, of course).
  • Sent an email to a colleague bishop over a Nashotah-related matter.
  • Reviewed and commented on some proposed “branding” ideas for the diocese. It’s time to unify and freshen up our logo and related graphic protocols.
  • Developed, refined, and printed a working text of a homily for Proper 18 (September 7 at St Stephen’s, Harrisburg).
  • Lunch at home–leftovers.
  • Met with Deacon Ann Alley and Linda Thomas (St Matthew’s, Bloomington), representing the diocesan ECW outreach committee.
  • Produced a rough draft of the liturgy booklet for the synod Mass on October 10. Fortunately, I had a template from a prior year to work with, but it was still time-consuming. It is now in the capable hands of Fr Ian Wetmore and the faithful at St Michael’s, O’Fallon, our host parish.
  • Had a phone conversation with the bishop I had emailed earlier in the day.
  • Took a brief walk around the parking lot; rain prevented anything longer.
  • Prepared physically (moving furniture, marking books) and mentally for tomorrow morning’s quarterly meeting of the Diocesan Council.
  • Wrote an Ad Clerum (letter to the clergy) regarding the lectionary for the celebration of All Saints and the presence of our sexual abuse prevention training resources (Safeguarding God’s Children) on the internet.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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