Thursday (Immaculate Conception)

  • Brief Bowflex workout upon arising. It’s been lying fallow for several months and needs to be re-engaged. This is a cyclical thing.
  • Short-form MP in the car on the way in to the office. Angelus and intercessions in the cathedral after I got there.
  • Participated in a Nashotah-related conference call that lasted about 20 minutes.
  • Edited, refined, printed, and posted my homily for this evening’s ordination.
  • Met with the Administrator and an individual whom it appears we will engage as a temporary contract employee to help us get up and running with the database system we purchased before my sabbatical, but which we don’t have the human resource bandwidth to learn how to avail ourselves of yet.
  • Played with hot wax: Signed and sealed three ordination certificates.
  • Lunch from China One, eaten at home.
  • Spent 45 minutes on the treadmill.
  • Departed at 2:30 for points east, arriving at Holy Trinity, Danville a couple of hours later.
  • Got Richard Lewis properly ordained to the priesthood. Joined in the post-liturgical festivities. Back home right around 11:00.
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