Thursday (George Selwyn)

  • Usual AM routine,
  • Last week I gave birth to a homiletical message statement for Easter II (St Andrew’s, Edwardsville). Today I did some child-rearing, and now have a teenager: a developed outline fleshing out that message statement. Next week: bring it to maturity in the form of a rough draft.
  • Ran an errand with Brenda, related to her health.
  • Grabbed some Chinese carryout for lunch from the place around the corner.
  • Did some semi-deep cleaning on the interior of my car (taking advantage of a nice day and a stop in the street in front of our building).
  • Processed a short stack of emails, both late arrivals and planned holdovers.
  • Devoted some time to a substantial writing project: a pastoral teaching document on sexuality and marriage.
  • Made some arrangements to grease the skids for our children who will receive the baton for Brenda’s care while I’m in Springfield for the weekend.
  • Asian chicken stir-fry for dinner.
  • Packed and hit the road south right at my target time of 7:00pm. Arrived in my office campsite at 10:35.
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