Thursday (Charles Simeon)

  • Planned, wrote, and promulgated a pastoral direction to the diocese regarding annual parish meetings.
  • Sat with my exegetical notes on the readings for Advent II (when I’ll be at St Christopher’s, Rantoul) until a homiletical message statement emerged from the missed. Wrote it down quickly before is disappeared. It will get built out next week.
  • Consulted with Canon Evans on a range of issues.
  • Drove out to close-in suburban Norridge to pick up a pair of orthotic shoes that I had ordered, prescribed by my podiatrist.
  • Immediately broke the shoes in with a four-mile walk in the sunshine with Brenda.
  • Reviewed and commented on a draft parish profile developed by one of our communities in transition.
  • Reviewed and commented on a draft Whistleblower Policy for the Living Church Foundation.
  • Responded by email to a pastoral situation that was at a rolling boil a month ago, but is kind of at a simmer now.
  • Reviewed and offered what I hope is a constructive response to a draft sermon for Advent I by a postulant who is kind of informally caring pastorally for one of our smaller communities. It was actually a very fine effort–better than what about 80% of Episcopalians hear on Sunday morning, I’d say.
  • I had a fairly major piece appear on the Covenant blog this morning, so, in the nooks and crannies between all that I’ve already noted for today, I spent some time interacting about the article with people on social media.
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