Thursday (Charles Henry Brent)

  • Customary Thursday morning weights and treadmill workout.
  • Discussed a couple of administrative matters with the Archdeacon and the Administrator.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Sorted through the accumulated hard-copy debris on my desk, discarding some and placing others in the to-be-scanned pile.
  • Tweaked, refined, and printed a working version of my homily for this Sunday, at the Chapel of St John the Divine in Champaign.
  • Lunch from Hickory River, eaten at home.
  • Made air travel, car rental, and lodging arrangements for Easter Week (not to be confused with Holy Week), during which the Class of 2011 bishops (and spouses) will be meeting in Albuquerque for some continuing education, and then to Appleton, WI for the consecration of Matt Gunter as Bishop of Fond du Lac. There were lots of options, and it was time-consuming, and, yes, I need to figure out how to delegate this sort of thing.
  • Hand-wrote notes to clergy and spouses with nodal events (birthdays, wedding anniversaries, ordination anniversaries) during the month of April.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Dinner from Subway, eaten at my desk.
  • Attended a special meeting of the cathedral Chapter. Discussed with them the transition process that will conclude with the call of the next Provost. By statute I have seat, voice, and vote on that body, so I took my place and participated in the general discussion of some financial and administrative concerns. There are some talented and dedicated people in that group.
  • Home close to 9:30.
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