• Early morning treadmill workout. New multi-tasking venture: Morning Prayer (from my iPad app) while on the treadmill.
  • Task planning over breakfast.
  • Saw to some liturgical details for next week’s St Michael’s Youth Conference.
  • Met with the Communications Coordinator over a couple of projects that are on her plate.
  • Dashed off an email to a priest whose ordination anniversary is today.
  • Left a phone message with the office of Bishop Roth, my ELCA counterpart, returning a call of his.
  • Worked on my homily for June 18, observing the feast of Corpus Christi, to be delivered at Holy Communion, Charleston, SC, on the occasion of the Rector’s final Sunday there before retirement. Brought it to the “rough draft” stage.
  • Walked up to Isringhausen to retrieve the YFNBmobile from being serviced, taking a returned phone call from Bishop Roth along the way. Stopped by KFC to pick up some lunch, eaten at home.
  • Began working on the text of an old homily for Proper 7 toward the end of re-inventing ut for use on June 25 in Alton Parish.
  • Cut that process short to take Brenda to a doctor’s appointment.
  • Returned to the office about 3:30. Finished doing what I was doing on the Proper 7 homily.
  • Did some more liturgical planning/prep for the St Michael’s Conference.
  • Carefully read a letter from a priest serving in one of the para-Anglican jurisdictions who wants to come into the Episcopal Church. It can be done, but it’s a bit of an arduous process.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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