• Extended treadmill workout, which, because of some domestic exigencies, was tardy getting started.
  • After breakfast and task planning at home, I was in the office around 10:30. Both iterations of the Daily Office kind of fell through the cracks today.
  • Via phone and email, made some progress on hotel arrangements in Tabora, Tanzania. It’s rather more complicated that accessing the Hilton Honors system (he said ruefully).
  • Made reservations (using said Hilton Honors system) for my personal accommodations during the St Michael’s Youth Conference.
  • While on a roll, called and made dinner reservations for tomorrow evening, when we are entertaining a candidate for a vacant clergy position.
  • Used the phone once again to schedule an appointment with my primary care physician.
  • Home for lunch. Leftovers.
  • Caught up with some late-breaking emails.
  • Attended via email to a small matter pertaining to our relationship with the Diocese of Tabora.
  • Produced and posted this theological/pastoral reflection on the significance of the Dismissal in the celebration of the Eucharist. It’s destiny involves the next edition of the Springfield Current.
  • Developed and presented an offer by email to the finalist in our search for a Communications Coordinator. She accepted and will be starting June 1. Details and formal announcement to follow.
  • Wrestled with the Gnosis for Nonprofits database system, in the ongoing attempt to actually put it to use. The effort was complicated by the fact that I use a Mac and need to use Windows-emulated software when accessing Gnosis. User unfamiliarity was the major culprit. Happy to report that significant progress was made.
  • Left for home around 5:45.
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