• Extended treadmill workout. Task planning over breakfast. Short-form Morning Prayer in the car. In the office at around 10:00.
  • Reviewed the job description, the financial parameters, and the résumé of the candidate I would be interviewing later in the day for the Communications Coordinator position.
  • Attended to some Nashotah House business by email.
  • Attended to an ongoing pastoral/administrative matter.
  • Began developing my outline for a homily on Easter VI into a rough draft.
  • Spoke on the phone for 45 minutes with the Secretary of the Nashotah House Board of Directors in preparation for our semi-annual face-to-face meeting later this month.
  • Lunch from La Bamba, eaten at home.
  • Interviewed an outstanding candidate for the communications position.
  • Processed a handful of late-arriving emails that merited swift response.
  • Got back to work on the Easter VI sermon. Finished it around 5:00.
  • Reviewed and commented on a draft Mission Strategy Report form (now canonically mandated annually for every Eucharistic Community) submitted by the Mission Department.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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