• Usual weekday AM routine. Devotions and Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Placed an online order for another batch of four starched cotton collars from Wippel. I like it that their online store is up and running–this used to require a phone call–but it was still more time-consuming than I would have liked.
  • First get-to-know-you meeting with a potential diaconal ordinand and his priest. We’ve had a good batch of these lately. Good people who, if and when ordained, will serve with distinction.
  • Decided to “call in sick” for the rest of the day. I started feeling progressively worse beginning yesterday morning–labored breathing, interior chest soreness upon inhalation. A trip to the urgent care clinic came up with the plausible theory that I’m having a reaction to a course of uber-strong antibiotics that I began taking on Wednesday and must continue for eleven more days. This is to destroy a bacterial infection in my stomach that was detected during an endoscopy a couple of weeks ago. About half the people in the world have it, but it’s usually symptom-free. So now I get to feel lousy for a couple of weeks in order to get rid of an infection what wasn’t bothering me! (Though, it can lead to ulcers and stomach cancer, so …best to take care of it.)
  • Brenda and I bought to ribeye sandwiches outside HyVee and took them home to eat.
  • Processed a few emails and contemplated a nap. However, I them remembered a 2pm dental hygiene appointment, so I began to bang out a post for the diocesan website that will be harvested for the June issue of the Current.
  • Got my teeth cleaned and got the usual polite lecture about flossing, etc.
  • Finished the material for the website and the Current. You can see it here.
  • Tried to take it somewhat easy, since I didn’t really feel like moving a muscle.
  • In the evening, sitting out on the porch with my laptop, worked on my sermon for Proper 5 (the last visitations before my sabbatical–first weekend in June in Robinson, Albion, and Mt Carmel). Took my simple message statement to the stage of a developed outline.
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