• Out the door at 6:40am for a four-mile walk on a gorgeous late summer morning, with the sunrise painting the clouds pink in the western sky, and hordes of children and youth walking to school or waiting for buses. The route took me about an hour and a quarter, during which time I multi-tasked by praying the morning office (from an app on my phone) and performing my other customary devotions and intercessions.
  • After cleaning up, getting breakfast, and planning my work for the day, I was at the office around 9:15.
  •  Continued a sort of serialized debriefing with the Archdeacon in the wake of both of our long absences this summer.
  • Attended to a small chore related to the planning of the sabbatical I plan to take during a chunk of 2016.
  • At the request of a friend, I read something he had written for publication and offered him my feedback.
  • Attended to a small detail related to the Eucharist for next month’s annual synod of the diocese.
  • Took care of some Nashotah House board business in anticipation of next week’s conference call of the Executive Committee.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • Devoted most of the afternoon to reading, discussing with the Archdeacon, and word-smithing feedback to the task force that has drafted a proposed set of major revisions to the constitution of the diocese. I have every hope that something very like this document will be in front of synod for a first reading next month.
  • Took a first pass at the readings for Proper 27 in preparation for preaching at St Paul’s, Carlinville on November 8.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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