• Felt “something coming on” last night, and woke up definitely not at 100%, so I dispensed myself from my customary Thursday workout.
  • Task organization at home.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Prepared to celebrate and preach the noon liturgy (a votive Mass of the Holy Eucharist).
  • Spoke by phone at considerable length with the Secretary of the Nashotah House Board of Trustees over an emergent issue. More drama than either of us would have liked (not in our conversation, but in the situation!).
  • Met with Fr Halt and Fr Francis about a more coordinated approach to mission in McLean County. Excited to see people taking our strategic vision and running with it.
  • Noticed that my crozier had been returned by Almy during my meeting, so I took the time to unpack and inspect it. Looks good.
  • Reported for duty at the cathedral chapel, but discovered Fr Stormer already vested and ready to go. Obviously some wires crossed somewhere. So I just made myself part of the congregation for the Mass.
  • Lunch from La Bamba, eaten at home.
  • Finished up (I hope) with liturgical preparations for the clergy retreat week after next, and sent the fruit of my labor on to Fr Hankinson, who is coordinating things in situ.
  • Refined and printed my homily for this Sunday (Christ Church, Springfield).
  • Dealt with a couple of administrative issues pertaining to the cathedral.
  • Plotted the individual tasks associated with the fact that I will flying solo as the only cleric at the cathedral liturgies for Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter.
  • Worked on my homily for Lent II (St Bartholomew’s, Granite City). Arrived at my message, expressed in a simple declarative sentence in the indicative mood with no subordinate clauses. I will expand on this, of course, but this is an essential step in the process.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • At home, after dinner, I composed and sent a lengthy email to the Nashotah House board.
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