• Customary Thursday exercise routine: weights and treadmill.
  • Morning Prayer in the car on the way in, devotions (Angelus and intercessions) in the cathedral.
  • There’s always something to consult with the Archdeacon about, and today was no exception.
  • Needed to exercise some pastoral care with one of our clergy via email. The issue required more than the usual modicum of thought and care, so it was not done quickly.
  • Dealt with a couple of administrative issues, relatively small, via email.
  • In  a rather tardy fashion, reminded our General Convention deputies of tonight’s live webcast sponsored by TREC (Taskforce for Reimagining the Episcopal Church). It’s fair to say that a big chunk of General Convention time next summer will be devoted to issues of structure that this group is working on.
  • Communicated with the clergy who are participating by preparing presentations for a November 20 clergy day.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • I am part of a cadre of authors who contribute to this blog, under the auspices of The Living Church. We take turns, on an assigned rotation. My turn is coming up soon, so I blocked out most of the afternoon to produce an article entitled “Ecclesiometry.” But you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see it. In the meantime, check out the other fine stuff that’s posted there.
  • Put the final touches on my address to the annual synod, a week from tomorrow.
  • Brief devotions (Angelus) in the cathedral. Evening Prayer in the car on the way home. (It was late … but this cannot become a habit).
  • Spent two and a half hours in the evening clicked in to the webcast of the TREC event. Can’t say I was bowled over by anything. The most fun was participating in the Twitter community. For a while he hashtag #TREClive was “trending.”
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