Still in Bermuda for a “destination” birthday celebration of an old friend, and among many who are or have been “movers and shakers” in the Episcopal Church (and in the health care administration world, which is David’s business). There were two activity options on the docket for today. I elected to attend a “Professional Leadership Symposium,” and I am very glad I did. I’m an avid student of my anything pertaining to leadership, and there was plenty of solid food to chew on from a diverse array of presenters. Much of it requires a good bit of “translation” from a business context to a church context, but that very effort is what produces the richest rewards.

As you might expect, food on an isolated island is quite expensive. But it’s been of generally very good quality, and there’s nothing that can compete with a lovely dinner overlooking a harbor while being caressed by an island breeze.

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