• Quality time on the treadmill before heading into the office. I’ve noticed that all the walking I did while in England had a salubrious effect on my blood sugar, so I’m making an effort to ramp up the exercise.
  • Angelus and Visitation in the cathedral (part of my usual morning devotional routine, though I seldom mention it here), but Morning Prayer in the office because of the heat in the church.
  • Worked on revising and reconditioning a prior year’s homily for Proper 10 (13 July at Redeemer, Cairo). Yes, I do this from time to time. And I’m not embarrassed.
  • Dealt with some Nashotah-related business.
  • Crafted a word of greeting, and sent it via email, to the upcoming synod of the Diocese of Tabora, one of our companion relationship partners.
  • Lunch from Hy-Vee, eaten at home.
  • Walked down to Illinois National Bank to wire some funds that we have been holding for Tabora.
  • Dealt with two important and long-delayed tasks pertaining to our mission strategy implementation.
  • Processed a handful of emails.
  • Evening Prayer in the office; Angelus in the cathedral.
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