• Brisk start to the day behind a snow blower taking care of the 2-3 inches that piled up overnight. Dreading the bitter cold that is yet to arrive.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Took care of some administrative chores relative to clergy deployment.
  • Addressed on ongoing pastoral issue via email.
  • Refined and printed a working text of my homily for Christmas II–this Sunday at St Luke’s, Springfield.
  • Addressed, via email, a small issue concerning an upcoming parish visit.
  • Began the work of exegeting the gospel reading for February 2, when the feast of the Presentation trumps the Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany, and I will be visiting my DEPO parish in Charleston, SC–Holy Communion.
  • Lunch at home–yummy chili soup.
  • Continued the exegetical work I began before lunch. This is a rich passage, and Joseph Fitzmyer’s classic commentary is probably still the best out there in English.
  • Scanned and otherwise processed the pile of hard copy items in my physical inbox. If you ever send me anything, please no not use staples! It makes this work even more laborious.
  • Took a first fly-by of my Sunday visitations in February, scheduling reminders about connecting with clergy if I don’t hear from them first.
  • Evening Prayer in the car while en route home.
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