• No more committee meetings, as all have finished their work, and, anyway, it would be too late for anything they might do to get accomplished. The Deputies met at 8; Bishops got to lollygag until 9. I took the opportunity to check out of my hotel and load the car.
  • See here for an account of the legislative day and overall reflections on the convention.
  • We broke at 11 for Eucharist and lunch (the latter, for me, with some old friends from Northern Indiana–Frs Henry Randolph, Jim Warnock, and Brian Grantz).
  • The houses of convention came back to order at 2:15. During the private conversation time in the HoB, it is the custom of Bishop Sean Rowe of Northwestern Pennsylvania to announce certain “awards” for the number and character of microphone “appearances” during the convention. Apparently, and somewhat to my chagrin, YFNB led in the “number” category by a wide margin for most of the time, only to be overtaken (I am relieved to say) on the home stretch by the Bishop of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. I hope the quality justified the quantity.
  • We essentially finished our work just before 5pm, but had a longish break while we waited for the Deputies to act on one final piece calling for a study of the constitutionality of certain sections of the Title IV canons. It was a show-of-hands vote, and carried 39-33, demonstrating that our ranks were thinning considerably. Interestingly, I voted in favor of this resolution, but I don’t think it would have passed if all the bishops had been in the room.
  • After we adjourned, I wandered over to the HoD gallery, connected with the Archdeacon by text message, and then left with him (as we were traveling together, our wives having left on Monday) as the house was indulging in a panegyric in honor of its outgoing president, Bonnie Anderson.
  • I arrived home at around 10pm central time. Very grateful to be back.
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