• No heat in my office (due to furnace replacement) in the AM + snow and ice in the PM = a day working from home. With a little planning, and a reliable internet connection, there’s really no lost productivity.
  • Morning Prayer in the family room.
  • Fleshed out, refined and polished my working notes for the third of four addresses I will deliver at the ECW retreat next month.
  • Replied to a couple of email queries that have been in the chute for a couple of days.
  • Weight & treadmill workout, shower, lunch (leftover homemade chili).
  • Dealt via email with some pending matters pertaining to the Communion Partners bishops and the Title IV “amici.”
  • Laid the foundation and erected some of the infrastructure for the fourth of five retreat addresses I will give to the priests of the Diocese of Albany in April.
  • Produced a first draft of what will be a fairly major pastoral letter to the diocese on the subject of Confirmation and Reception.
  • Kept an eye on the weather and road conditions all evening, trying to discern the fate of tomorrow morning’s scheduled Diocesan Council meeting. Still up in the air.
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