• Devotions, intercessions, and Morning Prayer in the cathedral around 0715.
  • Finished breaking camp in my office and headed to the Hardee’s drive-through for a pork-and-gravy biscuit. (Yes, that’s a thing.)
  • Stopped for gas right before getting on I-55 and took the opportunity to dial in to the 0845 board meeting of the Society of King Charles the Martyr. That kept me occupied for about an hour and got me most of the way to Bloomington. Then it was back to an action-adventure audio book, which always does a brilliant job making the miles fly by.
  • Home right at noon, when it was then time to join (via Zoom) a meeting of the House of Bishops. This lasted right around an hour.
  • Needed some time to decompress. Hung out a bit with family in the back yard. Then took a long walk through the neighborhood with Brenda on a gorgeous afternoon.
  • I had a task list looking at me, but I never actually got to it. There was just a thick pile of little things–too little to late-arriving to have even yet made it onto the task list–that occupied me until it was time to make dinner–emails, phone calls, texts.
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