• Took the YFNBmobile to a local Mazda dealer for some routine maintenance–and the repair of a sideview mirror that got into an altercation with my garage. The maintenance was longer overdue, so it just needed to get done. I’m not doing any significant driving these days–occasional forays to fast food drive-throughs, mostly–but it’s unclear when I’ll be able to get to Springfield on a weekday to get the work done there.
  • Attended briefly to some Communion Partners business.
  • Corresponded with the head of the diocesan Cursillo secretariat. Obviously, the June weekend won’t take place, and it’s difficult to imagine even the alternative September dates being feasible, given the restrictions that will no doubt still be in place then.
  • Attended to a pastoral issue regarding one of our clergy.
  • Got to work refining, editing, and formatting my homily for this Sunday, which won’t get delivered at St Andrew’s, Edwardsville.
  • Worked on still more refinements to the reopening document, which I plan to introduce to the Diocesan Council tomorrow, as well as preparing some other materials for that meeting.
  • Lunched more than an hour on the late side on some brisket tacos that I had delivered via GrubHub. We were out of leftovers, and our favorite  Chinese carryout place nearby has bitten the dust for the time being, at least, as have a couple of other walkable fast food options. That’s how bleak it is.
  • Beginning already in mid-afternoon, I set up, recorded, edited, and uploaded both the homily that I had refined in the morning, as well as a word of pastoral greeting to the folks at St Andrew’s, Edwardsville.
  • Took care of a couple of small administrative matters.
  • Evening Prayer alone, as Brenda was upstairs visiting with Hattie and her Aunt Sarah.
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