• Usual early-AM weekday routine.
  • Traded emails with Canon Evans on some ordination-process issues.
  • Responded to an email from a colleague bishop over a mutual concern,
  • Attended via multiple emails to a communications process issue.
  • Fleshed out my homiletical message statement for Easter VI (when I am supposed to be, but won’t be, visiting St Andrew’s, Edwardsville) into a developed sermon outline.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Attended to a routine monthly personal organization tasks tied to the turn of one month into another.
  • Hosted and chair a Zoom meeting of a Communion Partners subcommittee (on fundraising and staffing).
  • Opened the sermon preparation process for Trinity Sunday, which may actually happen at Trinity, Mattoon. Or maybe not. Living in hope.
  • Took an aggressive 65-minute walk.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
  • After dinner: Wrote email greetings to clergy and spouses with nodal events in May. Scheduled for sending on the appropriate day.
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