• Save for some task-organizing time, the morning was consumed by healthcare appointments–first me, then Brenda. We grabbed a slightly early lunch from Subway and ate it at home.
  • Spent intensive quality time with commentaries on Luke’s gospel in preparation for preaching on October 13 at St Christopher’s, Rantoul. I very much enjoy an excuse to engage in this sort of close study of scripture.
  • Took a small but significant step in a difficult pastoral-administrative situation that is on the home stretch toward resolution.
  • Sat down to choose hymns and service music for the Mass and annual synod next month, This kind of thing invariably ends up consuming more time than it feels like it ought to.
  • Polished the draft of my review of Chris Arnade’s Dignity and sent it off to the editor of The Living Church.
  • Wrote my column for the next issue of the Springfield Current, posted it to the website, and sent a link to the Communications Coordinator,
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
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