Thursday (Mary, Queen of Heaven)

  • Morning preliminaries done in time for me to be out the door to another chiropractic appointment by 0735. Back home a little past 0930.
  • Organized tasks for the day, took a couple of phone calls from diocesan clergy, did the crossword, got cleaned up.
  • Reviewed the draft minutes of the August Diocesan Council meeting sent to me by the Secretary. Suggested a typo correction.
  • Began the process of reviewing Mission Strategy Reports from the Eucharistic Communities.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Dealt with some details pertaining to a couple of upcoming ordinations to the priesthood.
  • Moved the ball considerably down the field toward the clarification and resolution of a significant pastoral issue related to one of our communities. (Sorry about the vagueness; all will be revealed in due course.)
  • Continued to an organic stopping point with the Mission Strategy Reports.
  • Goosed the conversation along with the board chair of the Society of King Charles the Martyr, looping in the Archdeacon and the Dean, looking toward the cathedral hosting the Annual Mass & Luncheon in January.
  • Read a progress report from the Communications Coordinator about her work with Breeze, the database program we are currently using. Then I played around in the system a while. This is a HUGE step. For the first time … ever … after literally years and years of trying, I feel like we are on top of this quest. We may be arriving late to the 21st century, but it feels good.
  • Dealt by email with an ongoing clergy discipline issue.
  • Caught up on some sandbagged internet reading (the Covenant blog, mostly).
  • Domestic complications caused EP to fall through the cracks tonight.
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