• Up and dressed and fed in time to attend an 0800 special meeting of the Nashotah House corporation in Sarasota–but, sadly, I was not in Florida. I attended via video conference technology. It lasted about an hour.
  • Reviewed and commented on the draft service bulletin for this Sunday at Trinity, Lincoln.
  • Spent the rest of the morning taking the developed outline of a sermon for Epiphany IV (Christ the King, Normal) and turning it into a draft working text, for refinement next week.
  • Lunch from Pizza Hut down the block. Some will no doubt wonder why I patronize a place like Pizza Hut when I live in a city known for its pizza. It’s a mystery.
  • With time out for a substantial walk, the afternoon was devoted to planning the liturgies (two Masses, two Evensongs, two occurrences of Morning Prayer) for the clergy retreat next month.
  • After dinner: Exegetical work on Epiphany VI (St Thomas’, Glen Carbon) and initial drive-by of the readings for Epiphany VII (St George’s, Belleville.)
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