• Wrote the last of my lectionary meditations for Forward Movement. This has actually been rather fun. Having the constraint of 220 words forces on to be creative.
  • Took my developed notes for an Advent III homily at St John’s, Centralia to the “rough draft” stage.
  • Lunched on my son’s cooking–pork cooked in some sort of high-pressure device with a French name. It was superb.
  • Took my daily constitutional, this time through nearby Rose Hill Cemetery. I used to enjoy walking through cemeteries when I lived in California and Indiana. They are at the same time calming, sobering, and interesting.
  • Moved the ball downfield toward planning the clergy pre-Lenten retreat.
  • Reviewed and annotated the draft minutes submitted by the secretary of last month’s annual diocesan synod.
  • Wrote an Ad Clerum about a small but significant liturgical issue.
  • Attended to some personal financial chores.
  • Took my wife and daughter to an early dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant.
  • Packed and hit the road southbound at 7:15pm. Arrived at the diocesan center for the night right at 10:45. I’ve got this drive down to a science.
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